The Empire State Building: Floors

The Empire State Building soars to 1,250 ft found at the 102nd floor, and also the total structural elevation (which includes the antenna) actually reaches 1,453 ft and 8 and 9/16 inches. The structure can be normally defined as being 102 stories high, even though it features just eighty-five stories of business and workplace areas (2,158,000 sq . ft), along with an observation deck on the eighty-sixth level. The outstanding sixteen stories make up the spire, that sustains the antenna at the top. The Empire State Building is the very first structure to feature greater than one hundred floors. The Empire State Building weighs in at about 330,000 metric tons. It features 6,500 windows, seventy three lifts, 1,860 stairs to the highest level, as well as an overall floor area of 2,200,000 sq . ft.